Charlotte Dining

Whether you’re looking for a convenient down-home meal or world-class cuisine, “Charlotte’s got a lot.”

For someone who is new to Southern cooking, it’s important to be aware that there Southerners like their food fried and greasy.  You’re not going to find too many vegan restaurants being visited by the average Southerner, but you will find transplants at some of the healthier establishments. Here’s a run down of what to look for when you’re hungry in Charlotte NC.


Barbeque- North Carolina is known for pig farming and, consequently, pork barbeque.  This is different from Texas barbeque where the meat is simmered in a tomato based sauce.  Southern barbeque uses a vinegar based sauce that is put on the meat by the end user, it isn’t cooked in the bbq sauce.  Be on the lookout for franchise restaurants and hole in the wall barbeque joints.

Southern Comfort Food- If you love food drenched in butter or fried, along with fried chicken, comfort food may hit the spot.  Fried okra, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, green beans, meatloaf and fried chicken all qualify as “comfort food.”  The more fat the better.  Check out the Charlotte favorite Mertz for quality down home cooking.

Fast Food- Every big city has lots of fast food options and Charlotte is part of that group.  From your national chains like McDonalds and Subway to your local regional favorites like Zaxbys and Firehouse Subs, you’ll find whatever fast food you fancy here.

International and World Class Cuisine- There are many international restaurants throughout the city- check Yelp or Google for your favorite cuisine.  There is a large Indian population in Charlotte and many Indian restaurants to serve.  There is also a wide selection of 5 star restaurants in and around Uptown.

We personally enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of The Fig Tree Restaurant which also features the largest wine collection in the city.  The owner is also the wine purveyor and head chef.

Are you hungry yet?  If so, pull out your smartphone and search for your favorite type of food.  You name it, you can find it in Charlotte NC!