Event Marketing

Wondering How to Promote an Event Best?

With all the planning that goes into orchestrating a big event, it only makes sense to hire a professional event marketing company to get the word out and increase attendance.


Why Is Event Marketing Important?

In today’s world, big cities have a lot going on.  You want to get the attention of your target audience and make sure they carve out time in their schedule to make it to the event.  If you promote your event widely enough in advance, there is the added benefit of attracting sponsors, new customers and new members who otherwise would not have been aware of your event.event marketing

What Does an Event Marketing Company Do?

When you hire a professional to promote your event, they will work closely with you to understand your event, the target market, and advise on how to get the word out.  Different events require different levels and spans of marketing.  For example, a national industry event for a group of professionals will need to span more channels than a local festival.  Both online and print marketing strategies will differ for these types of events.

In the case of the national industry event that wants to expand its membership base, they may promote in trade magazines, on facebook ads, youtube and other social media, retargeting banner ads, to their membership email list, through industry influencers, reach out to industry press, and more.

In the case of a local festival, getting the word out through local media, on facebook, youtube and other social media, having a ranking website, radio ads, local event calendars, signs, mailers, connecting with local influencers, and more would be most effective.

When Do You Need to Contact an Event Marketer?

Great question! The sooner the better.  Every day matters in getting the word out and laying a foundation to be front of mind with your attendees.  The more time you have beforehand to promote your event, the more attendees you will attract.  Get in touch with us today so that we can work together to do a full court press marketing campaign for your upcoming event.

What Types of Events Can You Market?

Lots of events can benefit from event marketing.

  • Sports Tournaments and Competitions
  • Charity Events
  • Industry Meetings
  • Festivals, Balls, and Galas
  • Video Game Competitions
  • Specific Interest Events, ie Car Shows, Boat Shows, Fan Club Meetings

Have a Packed House

There’s nothing more disappointing than going through all the effort of creating the event, only to have no one attend. Events make an incredible impact when people know about them and show up. We are experts at promoting events.  Give us a call to discuss the best strategy to promote your event:  980-292-6777

Event Marketing makes a difference!

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