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Why Does Ranking In Google Maps Matter For Small Businesses?

Ranking in Google Maps is a lucrative position for small businesses. The maps listings show up above organic results for local markets and tend to generate serious leads from potential customers who live nearby.

Consider the fact that when people search for, for example, “pest removal in Charlotte” they will see listings for the top pest removal firms that are based in the Charlotte area overlayed on Google Maps. All local businesses want to ensure their website appears in the top three results, so they get visitors to their websites.

Over 55% of all local business search queries originate from a mobile device, and businesses listed in the top positions receive the majority on website visits and phone calls.

To appear in the top 3 Google Map business listings, you must have a well optimized Google MyBusiness listing and your business address must be verified. We work alongside you to get your business well represented and optimized to appear above other companies in your market.

Optimizing Your Webpage for Google Maps Results

Next, you need to ensure your website is optimized for local SEO and congruent with the Google Maps listing. This may mean changing some of the content on your site and/or embedding Google Maps to start building up a profile of positive business ratings and reviews on Google.

Even established business who aren’t looking to grow benefit from having an updated Google My Business listing so that existing customers can find them easily using their mobile phones.

If your business is left out of the map pack, you’re certainly leaving money on the table. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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