Search Engine Optimization

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for your business

seo-services-companyFirst off, let’s cover what exactly SEO is and isn’t.

SEO is not having 100’s of irrelevant spammy links from international low quality websites pointing to your site.  While that worked for a short time a few years ago, the search engines are smarter now. Links like that will receive a google penalty and your site will not be displayed in any search results.

SEO is having content, including keywords, social media accounts, and other relevant, high quality inbound links related to the business industry and location on your website.

SEO is about positioning your company and brand in the best light to showcase your products and services so that customers come to know, like, and trust your business.

SEO is building a long-term brand presence online for incredible ROI off of future free organic traffic.

How will our SEO agency benefit your business?

  1. More Traffic: Google and other search engines are always looking to provide the best answers to people’s searches.  When your website is optimized for search, you will be the best result, rank highest, and get the most free search traffic.  When your business is presented in the most accurate way,  search engines put your site in position for the best prospects to connect with you.
  2. 24/7 Sales: Your site is selling for your business at all hours of the day- make a good impression by being clear about your products and services and converting visitors to customers.
  3. Improved Advertising ROI: SEO is a longterm investment in your business and brand. Once your site ranks on the first page, let the free organic search traffic roll in. Depending on the competition for your niche, it will require a level of maintenance but the value of the traffic should pay for itself and far exceed what you’d be paying for PPC.
  4. Brand Trust: 91{258c0f7c22540cfef74c19403d6000d84674155d8093b05540c83335c2e5816a} of people surveyed preferred organic search results to paid ads. Why? Trust. They believe the top result is likely to offer the best quality and experience.
  5. Reputation Management: Taking responsibility for your company’s profile across the internet allows for protection of your brand and more avenues to connect with potential customers.

Those are just a few primary benefits of using SEO experts to craft your online presence.

When you choose Next Door SEO, all services are customized marketing and SEO solutions for your business.  We don’t send spammy links, use low quality, spun, or duplicate content.

We treat your company’s high quality reputation as we would our own while we strategically build your online presence out for best results.

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We look forward to getting to know you and creating results.