Top Restaurants in Charlotte NC

The dining scene in Charlotte NC is always heating up. You always have great options that range from Italian classics to wood-fired recipes to sushi and homemade ramen. Here are the top restaurants in Charlotte:

The Fig Tree Restaurant

the fig tree restaurant CharlotteThis restaurant is a mix of Italian, French and American. It is a combination of quaint and romantic on the inside as well as kind service and mind-blowing food. The ambiance is really wonderful. Not only will you experience culture and hospitality at its best, you will find the dishes relishing to the palate. From lobster to elk chop, you will have low lighting, quaint seating and really a good use of restaurant space. This is truly a top Charlotte restaurant that meets a lot of people’s expectations.


The Capital Grille


The Capital Grille is more of an American, steakhouse and vegetarian-friendly type of restaurant. It has a reputation for setting high standards for its guests. You will notice this with their cuisine, service and atmosphere. You are going to find steaks, Caesar salads, Wedge, swordfish and the Darden Group to be among its recipes. The waitstaff is also knowledgeable and professional. They call you by name and go beyond expectations to provide quality service.

Viva Chicken

If you want to go Peruvian, Latin and South American, then this restaurant is for you. The chicken here is cooked to perfection and the sauces are really delicious. The drinks offered are truly refreshing. You will find the place cute but very comfortable and hospitable. The service is also good and gives a friendly atmosphere so that this place would be a good take-out dinner for anybody. What most people love about the restaurant is the variety and the reasonable prices. Parking could be a bit of a challenge, however.

Midwood Smokehouse

For an American, barbecue and gluten-free restaurant, this is a great place for you. Barbecue here is never boring and you get a lot of options. The beer is also good for people who love the beverage. Because of the variety, the only problem you could ever encounter is deciding what to order. They offer dishes like the Burnt End Brisket that has really fantastic flavor and great consistency. On the side, you can have creamed corn, green pepper and baked beans with bacon as a few examples. For dessert, they offer Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafers.

Carpe Diem Restaurant and Caterers

This is another American, International and vegetarian-friendly restaurant that qualifies among the best in Charlotte North Carolina. Here, you will find the bone in pork chops with excellent greens and tasty sauces. The food here is cooked to perfection and in significantly large portions. The desserts are also excellent. They have warm and inviting decors and the staff is always accommodating and knowledgeable. Chickens also exceed expectations here and you could always choose from a wide variety of wines.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is a pretty good American, seafood and sushi restaurant. If you are quite picky about your hamburgers and fries, this restaurant will definitely meet your expectations. The other dishes will not disappoint too especially if you get the Lobster/Fillet Mignon sushi. If you are into a good burger combination, then try the burger and bento fusion bento box. The desserts are also amazing with their coconut cheesecakes. Guests would also enjoy the professional and warm service of the staff.

No matter your favorite type of cuisine or what kind of food you’re in the mood for today, there are plenty of great dining options to choose from in the Charlotte NC metro area.