What Are SEO Tools Used For?

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Search Engine Optimization

When you’re ready to start your SEO campaign, you want an estimate of how long SEO takes.

Please watch this video for insight into the factors that determine how long before SEO results.

Audio Transcription:

Hello. Jennifer Glidden here, from Next Door SEO, and today we’re going to talk about, what are SEO tools? So, if you’ve been overwhelmed or just confused about all the different SEO tools, today we’re going to really get to the heart of the matter. And first off, I wanna talk about, why do people use SEO tools? The main reason people’re using SEO tools is to get some insight into how Google sees their websites. So for example, right now, Google has over 80% of the search traffic. That is why we’re most interested in Google, all right? But why Google is so powerful is because it delivers such great results to the people searching. So Google makes money off of pay-per-click ads, and those are only getting about 10% or less of the traffic. People are clicking on the organic results. They want those quality results, and that’s what Google gives them. So that’s where the SEO tools come in.

The SEO tools help us figure out how to get our site to be the most trusted and relevant site on the internet. So SEO tools are sites and plugins, all sorts of different things that can help you optimize your site, evaluate your site, and even get different things going out there like social shares and stuff like that. So a couple big sites that you may have heard of are Moz, SEMrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs, all sorts of big sites out there. And what they’re doing, is they’re … It depends on the site, but they’re looking at on-page and off-page factors. So on-page factors are essentially looking at your metadata, your site structure. Do you have a sitemap on there? Your content, the keyword counts, all sorts of things like that. Looking at your images, how they’re tagged, all sorts of things along those lines. And then the off-page elements are, there’re social elements, there’re just other back links, and looking at those to see … Okay, what’s going on? Where does your site fit in in the grand scheme of the internet, and how relevant is it, based on the on-page elements?

So there’re a lot of tools out there. Some are better than others. Some used to be really good, some aren’t so good anymore, ’cause they’re not kept up. But the bottom line is, all of these are tools. They’re not Google itself, and honestly, I’m going to tell you the best SEO tool out there. And that is your brain. Because you know your target customer better than anyone else, and you know how to reach them. You can think of different strategies. Although Google is the one crawling your site and sending visitors to it, depending on search results, the people have to actually connect with you. And they have to actually be interested in the content on your page. So not only does your website have to be applicable for Google bot, but also has to be applicable for your visitors, your target audience. So your brain is actually the best SEO tool out there. It is going to outperform any of these other tools over time, like nothing else. So I hope this video gave you some insight into what’re SEO tools, and what the best one is.

So have a great day, and if you’re looking for a quick scan of your site to figure out … Do I even have the right keywords on my site? What’s going on with my on-page? Or, you wanna get a broader view of how your site is performing compared to your competitors for your keywords, then go to my site, nextdoorseo.com, and fill out the discovery form, and I will take a look at your site personally and record a video for you, looking at those on-page and off-page factors to see how we can get you ranking better.

So thanks for watching, have a great day.


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