Simple Customer Retention Strategies Any Local Business Can Implement

If you’re anything like most business owners, you’re looking forward to the new year and trying to figure out how to make 2021 better than 2020.

Today’s tips on leveraging your most valuable assets contains the secret to growing deep taproots into your community and so that your business can flourish for years to come.

Ignore it and you’ll be struggling year after year to build a book of business.

Take action on these tips regularly and you’ll find a continual flow of new and long-time customers coming through the door.

What are these “Most Valuable Assets” that are hiding in plain sight?

Your current customers and clients.

customer loyaltyWhile I don’t mean to in any way diminish the value of each individual client as a human, I find that often times, business owners overlook the value of repeat and existing customers while they’re searching for the next shiny object that promises incredible overnight ROI.

Did you know that on average it costs 500% more to acquire new customers than it does to bring back an existing one?  Building relationships with current clients can be far more effective, reliable, and inexpensive  than any other marketing method out there.

So what are some ways to nurture current client relationships?

  1. 1. Follow Up Phone Calls

Checking in with customers after their appontment is a personal touch that shows you care.  Even if you don’t have time to do this yourself, there are call center services that can perform this for you and add that personal touch to your business.

  1. Send a Birthday Greeting

    What better way to show that you value your customers for their uniqueness than to remember their birthday?  There are lots of automated systems you can use to do this, either digitally with email birthday cards or even by sending a real birthday card in the mail. You are sure to stand out from the rest.

  2. Send a Note

    Depending on your practice, you likely have conversations with your clients.  If you see an article or hear of a book or resource that can enrich their life, send it on to them in a quick email, text, or even social media message.  

  3. Ask for Feedback

    Do you have a system in place to get feedback after your clients use your services?  This is a great way to show them you value their experience and want to hear from them to improve your service. If they’re a raving fan, encourage them to leave a review on their favorite social media platform.  Reviews matter more than even personal recommendations in some cases.  The more 5 star reviews you can collect online, the better.

  4. Hold Special Events

    Plan an annual event and invite all of your existing customers to celebrate with you. It can be related to a holiday, a season, or even a change in office space.  Whatever the reason, your customers will feel special and it will build an even stronger community around your business.

  5. Keep In Touch

    Keeping in touch with your customers keeps your business at the front of their mind.  Whether they need your services and would otherwise consider shopping around, or their friend needs a recommendation, your business pops into their mind first.  Sharing helpful tips, offering specials, and encouraging customer visits are all ways to keep in touch with your list of customers by email.
Those items are just a few ways to stand out in the loud and crowded marketplace that’s bombarding your customers on a daily basis.  
What one or two methods can you easily implement in your business this month to start nurturing client relationships?

As I remind my clients, valuing your current customers as individuals after they walk in the door is what will set you apart. It lays the groundwork for building a long-term relationship that results in better health and prosperity for everyone.

Devoted customers are far more likely to refer you to your friends, and we all know that referrals are one of the best forms of marketing for any local business.

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